How to Write an Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch anyway? An "elevator pitch" describes your company and what you do in about the time you have to talk to someone on an elevator - 30 seconds to 2 minutes max.  Elevator pitches are critical for conveying very simply who you are as a company to someone who has never... Continue Reading →

Team Building According to Coach K

I recently attended MarketingProf's Annual Conference and wanted to share some of my insights from this event - which I highly recommend. One of the keynotes was Alison Levine, the Captain of the First All-Women Mount Everest Expedition.  The story was incredible, and I encourage everyone to read the book, but I want to focus... Continue Reading →

Women in Technology and Identifying Sponsors

I am planning for my upcoming quarter - as I tend to do.  While looking at events coming up next quarter that I want my product group involved in, I came across the Colorado Technology Association's annual Women in Technology Conference. My company, Zayo Group, is extremely involved with the Colorado Technology Association and is a... Continue Reading →

Tradeshow 101: Be the Party

Each year thousands of people flock to Las Vegas, Orlando, New Orleans and hundreds of other cities to attend conventions.  For them, it is the highlight of their year.  Every day they grind through their 9 to 5 - working well more than 40 hours a week. But once a year their company sends them... Continue Reading →

How I Overcame My Professional Burnout

Do you wake up, remember that its a workday and silently start cussing out your entire management chain in your head?  Do you walk into the office, turn on your computer, see that you have 74 unread messages and imagine beating up tourists?  Are you going to scream bloody murder the next time someone says "Can... Continue Reading →

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