Downloadable Letters of Recommendations

“It is a privilege to recommend Hannah Howard to you for a position within your organization.  While in the role of Vice President of Marketing and Sales Effectiveness, I had the honor the work with Hannah at Cordant while she was a member of the marketing team…” – from letter of recommendation by John Constantine, Vice President of Marketing

“…I would gladly hire Hannah again if I had an opportunity available for her skillsets.  Hannah will be a great asset to any organization and I recommend her highly.” – from letter of recommendation by Michele Settel, Vice President & GM of Workers’ Compensation Division

LinkedIn Recommendations

Here are a few things people are saying about me.  To read more, visit my LinkedIn Profile:

“Hannah is the ideal manager; regardless of her workload, she maintains total awareness of her projects, pursues quality with unflinching tenacity, and orchestrates her schedule with a master’s touch. Critically, she does all this without ever losing her cool, which makes working with her refreshingly pleasant. Any team she’s a part of will invariably (and immediately) find her indispensable.”
– Patrick Cunningham – Graphic Designer

marcus-anderson“Hannah is a self-motivated, strategically minded marketing professional. In the course of a year at Zayo, she has risen to every challenge I have proposed, and beyond, with energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. Hannah delights in demonstrating her impact. She is thoughtful about her approach to organization and communication of objectives.

We now cultivate our brand internally and externally like never before. As a product marketer in a financially oriented organization, Hannah is unafraid to dare mighty things, work diligently to execution, and report on value creating metrics.”
-Marcus Anderson, Director of Product Management – Zayo Group

milos“Hannah impressed me from her very first day at Zayo and I was fortunate enough to have her on my Product Strategy team. Her focus was to rebuild our marketing efforts from the ground up. After cultivating a thorough knowledge of our highly technical product set, Hannah was able concisely message our value via polished digital marketing collateral. Through her efforts we recognized an exponential increase in our ability to generate, cultivate and close on promising leads. What was most notable for me was that Hannah was able to deliver these results over just a few months, while demonstrating complete ownership and resourcefulness along the way. Her professional accomplishments can only be matched by her contagious personality. She was a pleasure to be around day in and day out and I can confidently say that she would be an invaluable asset to any organization.”
-Milos Marjanovic, Director of Product Management – Zayo Group

“Hannah is enthusiastic, hard working and a pleasure to work with. She has a keen appreciation that in addition to broader department goals, the role of marketing in generating new business opportunities.”
-Dave Crossley, GM EMEA – Spirent Communications

“LinkedIn only allowed me to chose three attributes to describe Hannah, but I would chose them all if I could. Hannah provides an excellent service with a good value. She truly knows SEO and works hard to get the best results possible. She provides wonderful, easy-to-understand reports and does not mind explaining things in detail. I would highly recommend Hannah for any SEO work.”
-Becky O’Neil, Owner – Becky’s Pet Care

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