Start Growth Marketing. Stop Checklist Marketing.

I'm so tired of watching #marketing departments go through the motions, instead of challenging themselves to be data-driven with a growth mindset. In this interview with CleverFunnel Digital, I sit down with Chris Franks to discuss how we developed a deeper understanding of customers without resorting to a checklist approach and where I see marketing is going over the... Continue Reading →

Tale of Three Posts

Social media engagement is hard.  First of all, how do you get people to engage? Secondly, how do you know if it worked?  Today I want to review three recent LinkedIn posts on my personal account.  What types of posts performed best? What does “performed best” even mean? The first post promoted a blog article... Continue Reading →

Don’t make them work

If you want to convert website traffic into leads for your business, the last thing you want to do is make it difficult for visitors to find the information they need.  Many websites make their visitors work to find information, resulting in prospects leaving and going to the next, easier to navigate, supplier’s website.  Here... Continue Reading →

Make your images tell your story

A picture tells a thousand words.  Are you sure the images on your website are telling the right ones? One of the most common mistakes companies make with their websites is choosing imagery that works against their ability to sell.  Here are a few tips for maximizing your website success with images. The images on... Continue Reading →

Beware of Templates

I see a lot of small businesses that use website templates.  In fact this very site uses one too.  There are a lot of great website templates out there.  WordPress, Squarespace and Wix all offer professional solutions that are easy for small businesses.  But beware of the template.  There are common pitfalls that could undermine... Continue Reading →

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