Start Growth Marketing. Stop Checklist Marketing.

I’m so tired of watching #marketing departments go through the motions, instead of challenging themselves to be data-driven with a growth mindset. In this interview with CleverFunnel Digital, I sit down with Chris Franks to discuss how we developed a deeper understanding of customers without resorting to a checklist approach and where I see marketing is going over the next 10 years.

  • How to not be a “Spaghetti Marketer” (aka. throwing pasta at a wall to see what sticks)
  • How to approach customer acquisition with a defensible, unbiased opinion that your execs will actually buy into
  • How to move to a data-driven decision-making approach rather than a “gut” or opinion-driven organization
  • Challenging assumptions you may or may not even know you’re making
  • The future of marketing and the roles you will take or will be forced to take to continue being a human in marketing.

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