Beware of Templates

I see a lot of small businesses that use website templates.  In fact this very site uses one too.  There are a lot of great website templates out there.  WordPress, Squarespace and Wix all offer professional solutions that are easy for small businesses.  But beware of the template.  There are common pitfalls that could undermine a beautiful website.



Start with Strategy

Did you plan out what you were going to say and who you were going to say it to before choosing a template, or did you just pick one that look pretty?  Understanding the buyer’s expectations and experience before you make a website template selection will help you make a better, more informed decision.

Click ALL the Links

This one drives me absolutely insane.  All too often I see buttons for Google+ (spoiler: they don’t exist anymore) or internal navigation that’s broken. Click all the links yourself – do they go where they’re supposed to?  Or are they still pointing to your template provider’s Facebook page?  Make sure you go through each link, one-by-one to confirm they’re doing what they’re supposed to do.

Have two other people review your website before it goes live

After a while, all your text looks the same to you and you may struggle to find errors.  Have two other people review your website before it goes live.  New eyes means a new perspective.

Better yet, hire a professional

Templates are fine.  Professionals are great.  Web design does not have to cost a ton of money, but it does cost some.  The benefit?  You might actually look different than all your competitors.  Wouldn’t that be nice.


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