Tooting My Horn: HIMSS Mention

clip_image024Okay, I have to toot my horn real quick.  I have posted in the past about how to properly run a booth to produce top return.  Well, someone noticed!

I was working the Zayo booth at HIMSS 2018, the largest healthcare IT conference which is held in Las Vegas each year.  Someone walked by and wrote a blog mentioning me!

“Lots of positive vendor engagement today, with Hanna from Zayo Group catching our attention during my annual BFF booth crawl with the incomparable Evan Frankel. Effective strategies: catching someone’s eye, asking them what they do, asking what they are interested in at HIMSS, and figuring out how to tie it to your company. I’m going to track them down next time I’m in Boulder, Colorado.”


Here’s another one…

“The best booth person I’ve seen was Hanna from Zayo. I care very little about bandwidth provider and to be honest I’ve never heard of the company, but Hanna’s sparkling repartee got my interest. She’s a pistol down there in Hall G.”


So what if they mispelled my name.  I got a shout out – so cool!  Thanks HIStalk!

Here’s our recap video if you would like to see our booth from HIMSS 2018.

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